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We have been spreading Humus plus 4 on a green manure crop before ploughing it in, prior to planting our seed potato crops at East Gippsland and Thorpdale.

We have used Humus plus 4 for the last 5 seasons and have always had a good crop of potatoes with good clean skins on the tubers.

We feel that Humus plus 4 with its organic base is a good soil conditioner and we will continue to use it in conjunction with our normal fertilizer program.

I have used it over my farm for 23 years with great results. No superphosphate over this period. You will get the quickest results if you include it in the cultivation process. 4th paragraph from end of page.

Graeme Chapman.

Tony Billing, business owner and farmer of Nyora, South Gippsland says,

For the first 15 year period, I used various fertilizers and lime on our ten acre property in Nyora. This did improve the pasture, but was not as good as I felt it could be. I cross graze horses and cattle in minimum quantities.

Then for the last three years I have used Humus plus 4, added to this was a small amount of super. I used lime the first year at the required rate for our area.

The first year I could see a noticeable improvement to the pasture. Second and third years, I have noticed several positive changes take place. The grass is much stronger, deeper rooted and the cover is much thicker. You can feel a cushion of grass under your feet and the colour is really strong .Using Humus plus 4 has been cost effective and the carrying capacity of the property has increased substantially.

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